11 Natural Remedies to Eliminate Bed Bugs for Good – Recipes Included

We are all disguised by the bed bugs and they are very difficult to eliminate and are very annoying. They are actually little parasites that use our dead skin and blood as their food and they are not visible with the naked eye. They have oval shape, brown color and a flat body which becomes red after they eat and they also become swollen. They are usually active during the night but they are not really nocturnal beings.

They have the ability to reproduce very fast because the female bedbugs are capable of laying over thousands of eggs in their lifetime. The size of the eggs is just like the speck of a dust and it can enter the house in used clothing, linens, used bed, baggage and furniture and many other things. They can be the cause of numerous health problems like allergies, rashes and also psychological issues in some cases.

How to recognize whether you have bed bugs in your house?

Having an itching feeling everywhere in the body is the most usual sign that there is a presence of bedbugs. The itching appears on the area where the bugs have bitten and this place can get swollen and reddish as well. You may also notice some blood stains in the pillows and sheets.

Another sign that you have bedbugs is the bed bugs’ feces. You can search for them on the mattress and on the sheets. They scent glands also produce a musty smell so this can also be taken as an indication of their presence.

Because they are flat and tiny they have the opportunity to move very fast and also hide in the bed frames, box springs, the headboard and the mattress.


As time goes on they can also be the reason for severe infestation problems as they can scatter in the bedroom.

Eliminating the bed bugs

Do not worry in case you have bed bugs, they might be annoying and disgusting and also hard to get rid of, but you can certainly eliminate all of them with a little bit of patience.11 Natural Remedies to Eliminate Bed Bugs for Good – Recipes IncludedThe first thing you must do is to clean every single corner of the home, especially the places where the bedbugs were discovered. You also need to wash all the clothing, bedding, curtains, linens and everything else you consider must be washed. After that take the vacuum cleaner and go through the whole house. You must do this on a regular basis. After you are finished take out the bag from the vacuum and throw it away.

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