21 Highly Unusual Ways To Lose Weight – But They Work


Traditionally a dieter’s nightmare, convenience stores were this man’s main source of weight loss fare. Professor of Human Nutrition at Kansas State University, Mark Haub lost a solid 27 pounds in two months by eating 1,800 calories per day—of twinkies, donuts, and other convenience store junk food staples. We assume this was part of a school project, but who knows?!


Finally, a diet that makes some sense to us. After drinking nearly nine cups of green tea per day for a year, Samantha Reese dropped an astounding 106 pounds. She credits much of her weight loss to swapping the calorie-free, antioxidant rich tea in for more sugary drinks like soda and milk-heavy cups of tea. Make the most of the benefits from tea with our best selling book, The 7-Day Flat-Belly Tea Cleanse! Test panelists lost up to 10 pounds in one week!


When he became tired of restrictive diets, Florida cyclist Matt McClellan took a different approach to weight loss—one that would incorporate his favorite foods, like pizza.


Matt kept his calorie intake to 2,400 per day, which was around six slices of pizza. In an effort to maintain balance, he ordered pies topped with the healthiest ingredients like veggies and lean protein. In addition to his pizza-fueled meals, he made sure to get in one hour of exercise per day, five days a week. The result? Matt lost 24 pounds in one month and cut his body fat from 20 percent to nine percent.


The golden arches and weight loss are rarely (if ever) spoken about in the same breath. But high school teacher John Cisna shed 60 pounds in 180 days from eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner at McDonald’s. The key for John was choosing McDonald’s menu items carefully and limiting calorie intake to 2,000 daily. He was also exercised four to five days per week.


The beer and sausage diet may sound like a cruel joke, but one man from Arizona found success gobbling down the barbecue staples. He lost 20 pounds in one month by consuming high-quality, protein-rich sausage—and yes, drinking beer. The catch is that he capped his calories at 1,500 per day, which is why he saw a reduction in weight.


The fast-casual coffee chain supplied librarian Christine Hall with all the food she needed to lose 80 pounds. Her busy schedule made it difficult to get to the grocery store and cook proper meals, which is why she ran to the corner Starbucks when it came time to eat. She stuck with healthier menu items like oatmeal, regular coffee, and bistro boxes filled with fruits and cheese and was mindful of portion sizes. There are plenty of calorie bombs at Bux, though; find out what’s what in our exclusive report on Every Breakfast Item at Starbucks—Ranked!.

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