6 Things That Cause Fluid Retention In Your Body And How To Avoid Them!

6 Things That Cause Fluid Retention in Your Body and How to Avoid Them!
Water retention, also called fluid retention or edema is an abnormal accumulation of water in the tissues or cavities of the organism. The retention of fluids in the organism causes swellings in the legs, feet, ankles and hands.
The most common causes of fluid retention are:

-Consuming too much sodium

Sodium is a compound that is contained in numerous food products sold in the markets, including processe meats, some canned foods, fast foot etc. Before you buy some product, it is highly advisable to read the label and check the level of sodium. Experts explain that excessive intake of sodium and not drinking enough water leads to retention of fluids.

-Processed foods

Processe foods are abundant with sodium and sugar, and these white substances are considere to the main causes of fluid retention.


In order to stay properly hydrated, adult person should drink at least 8 glasses of water per a day. In case if you are not drinking enough water during the day you may dehydrate.
It is important to highlight that dehydration will make your organism to retain water in order to survive and that eventually will cause swelling.6 Things That Cause Fluid Retention In Your Body And How To Avoid Them!-Vitamin B6 deficiency
Scientific studies showed that vitamin B6 deficiency causes fluid retention and in order to prevent that, it is highly advisable to optimize its levels.

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