How Can I Make My Saggy Breasts Perkier & Fuller

What older woman wouldn’t want to keep her breasts as perky as they were in her 20s? After all, a woman’s breasts are an important sign of her femininity.

Unfortunately, the depressing reality is that from about age 30 every woman starts facing the battle to keep the girls from going south. Of all the areas of the body, the breasts are most affected by gravity. What’s more, the rate at which breasts age is two to three years ahead of the rest of the body.


How Can I Make My Saggy Breasts Perkier & Fuller

So far, medical science hasn’t yet discovered a magical non-surgical solution for this inevitable part of ageing. But, ladies, all is not lost .

How Can I Make My Saggy Breasts Perkier & Fuller

How Can I Make My Saggy Breasts Perkier & Fuller

Factors that affect sagging
To give your breasts the best chance of surviving the ravages of time, it’s worth understanding how they’re affected by your lifestyle.

According to plastic surgeon Dr Armando Soto, breasts consist of mammary glands and fat, with connective tissue and ligaments that link the main parts of the breasts to the skin. “They sag over time because the support structure (composed of the skin, ligaments and connective tissue within the breast) loses integrity.”

Several factors determine the severity and rate at which sagging of the breasts (also called “ptosis”) develops, says Dr Frederic Corbin, Clinical Instructor in Plastic Surgery at Western University of Health Sciences in California. These factors include:

– Genetic traits (e.g. breast size, density, skin elasticity, composition of glandular and fatty tissue)
– Loss of skin elasticity (a result of the natural ageing process)
– Cigarette smoking
– Number of pregnancies
– Breast cup size prior to pregnancy
– Body Mass Index (BMI)
– Weight gain or loss

And, yes, size does count. If you have large, heavy breasts, there will be more pull on the supporting ligaments and skin, which tend to stretch permanently under constant strain.

Natural breast-improvement options
Unfortunately there’s no magic solution. Surgery remains the best option to help droopy boobs regain their former upright status. If you’re still young, however, it’s worth giving these natural breast improvement options a go:

1. Avoid weight fluctuations
During your lifetime, your breast size may change as your body undergoes weight fluctuations and the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause.

While it’s not always easy to avoid weight changes, doctors like breast surgeon Ian Laidlaw of Frimley Park Hospital in England stress that maintaining a constant weight is one of the best ways to prevent boobs from sagging.

The breast fat found in a layer of padding just underneath the skin tends to fluctuate in thickness when women gain and lose weight. Yo-yo dieting and crash diets that focus on rapid weight loss are especially harmful as the fat layer thins out dramatically, permanently damaging the supporting skin.

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