How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps On Bikini Area

8. Apply more shaving cream as needed.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

Reapply if:
1. The cream rinses off by accident before you got a chance to shave that area.
2. You’ve already shaved over an area, but you want to shave over it again because you missed a hair.

9. After rinsing and patting dry, moisturize your newly shaved skin.

“A bland, preferably oil-free, fragrance-free simple moisturizer would be your best bet,” says Dr. Bank. Moisturizers with oil or sunscreen in them are more likely to clog your skin’s pores, especially if you’re already prone to clogged pores. Dr. Green also says to avoid anything that contains AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), which is a common ingredient in anti-aging lotions.

10. Wear cotton underwear and avoid tight clothing.

Polyester is an occluding fabric — it’s not breathable, and could increase your chances of irritation. Dr. Bank recommends wearing soft, 100% cotton underwear that doesn’t hug your skin too tightly for several hours after shaving to help reduce the chance of ingrown hairs.

11. When the stubble starts to show, make it less prickly with an exfoliating pad.

Pads like Soften Her can make that cactus-y feeling less noticeable, so you can go a little longer between shaves. (It also claims it can help prevent ingrown hairs).

12. Change your razor blade regularly.

Old razors can give you infections, don’t give you a close shave, and can irritate your skin. “After about the fourth shave they start to get dull,” says Dr. Bank. (One full shave includes your legs, underarms, and bikini area). But he also says you should pay attention to your body: If by the third shave you’re dealing with skin irritation, you should go ahead and swap it out.

To make your razor blade last as long as possible, run it under warm to hot water after every use. “Then very gently pat the blade dry with a towel or dry washcloth,” says Dr. Bank — drying the blade helps it last longer, but rubbing it with a towel will dull it. You also should store your razor outside of the shower, because the heat and steam can cause it to rust more quickly.