Make your mind clear that by quitting smoking you are losing nothing but in essence you are making a wonderful gain in all health, energy and money. Moreover, you are also getting confidence, self-respect, and more independence and more significantly you are also going to gain length in your future life—you are improving the quality of your life. Now you are enjoying your life as non-smoker right from the time you decided to quit.

Start your final cigarette and make a promise with yourself that what highs or lows might come in your life, you will never think of another cigarette nor you will take nicotine in any other form. This is one of the most important decisions that you ever make because the brighter and healthier future of you wholly depend upon it. Moreover, you know that it is a correct decision so you do not have to raise a question regarding it nor should you create any doubt.

Your body will keep on withdrawing from nicotine for a couple of days yet that doesn’t mean you need to be hopeless. The physical withdrawal is exceptionally slight—there is no pain—and it passes rapidly. Besides, it is what smokers suffer all their smoking lives. Non-smokers do not suffer it. You are a non-smoker thus you will soon be free of it forever.


If you relate a cigarette with a coffee, tea, drink or break, have your coffee, tea, drink or break. At this moment don’t think of cigarette—just think “you can’t have a single cigarette now. Isn’t it wonderfully great? I can enjoy this minute without choking myself to death”.


Do not think of cigarette in the case of emergency because if you do, you have suspicion on your decision (the decision to quit smoking) because non-smokers do not need a cigarette in any case. It is one of the many joys that you are not dependent over cigarette for your emergencies. Since you never think of cigarette for any reason so it becomes light on you—because you are not a slave.

Do not try to dodge smoking circumstances or quit life. Go out and enjoy social events right from the start and don’t feel jealousy with smokers, pity them. Understand that they will be feeling jealousy with you on the grounds that each and every one of them will be wishing they could be like you: free from the entire dirty bad dream.

No smoker wants to see their youngsters begin smoking which implies they wish they had not begun themselves. Remember that it is not you who are being denied but rather those poor smokers. They are being deprived of their health, strength, cash, peace of mind, certainty, boldness, confidence, and freedom. In case you’re offered a cigarette, simply say: “No way—I don’t smoke”, instead of begin a long discussion about how long it has been since you left smoking.

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