Life Hacks | Why Didn’t Think of That Again?

Do you ever look at something on Pinterest or on a Blog…Magazine…TV or just about any where and say to yourself… Why Didn’t I Think of That???  I know I sure do!!!  So I put together a few of those things today and I want to share them with you.  If you enjoy them…let me know because I will do little collections of them more often and share!

Life Hacks | Why Didn't Think of That Again

Life Hacks | Why Didn’t Think of That Again

Sure hope you enjoy them and I bet more than once you are going to lightly tap your head and say…WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT!!!   A great variety of Life Hacks


How To Make Wall Art Whenever You Want

Now if I had thought of this…my kids when they were younger would have been all over this! So would my husband and I…what a great idea…you can have new art every day. I LOVE this idea and I think I want to do it now! Check out the DIY so you can put together a fabulous look too.

How To Hide Cords On A Wall Mounted TV

This has got to be one of my most favorite things…look how awesome the TV looks without the wires showing. So this little DIY is all about something you DON’T see but what a difference it makes! Great job Diane!

A Simple DIY… Trash Bags on a Roll   By: Simply Organized

Do you have your garbage bags in a box like I do? Who knew it could be this much easier to pull and rip! Love this

Using the ends of your cabinets in a very useful way

We all have them…you know…the sides of your cabinets…are yours serving a useful purpose? Mine aren’t but now they will!

A Simple DIY for a Gardener

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