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6 Best exercises In Order To Lose The Inner Thigh Fat


Keep distance between your feet with the toes forward and pointed ahead. Place a small, soft ball or a pillow between the inner thighs. Now lift the heels and balance on the balls of the feet, placing the left hand on the hip.

Bend the knees and lower down an inch, keep pressing on the ball and keep the core tight. Raise the hips back up and bring the left arm overhead and squeeze the ball for 30 seconds. Repeat for 30 reps, turn around and repeat on the other side.

Tree lean to side lunge

This is a complete exercise which works not only on the inner thighs, but also on the core, thighs, hips and entire lower body.

Stand tall with the feet together and arms held overhead. Flex the spine laterally so that the arms and shoulders reach left while the hips go right. Now sweep the arms up and over and make a half circle towards the right. Now take the left leg out for a lunge. Land in the lunge with the left hand resting on the thigh; keep the right hand touching the floor. Push on the floor and perform the curve in the reverse and return to the lateral lean position.
Do 10 reps and repeat on the opposite side.

5 Scissor leg plank

Start in a full planked position with each foot on a folded towel. Now keeping the upper body stable, slide feet apart and try to open the legs as wide as you can. Now slowly squeeze your inner thighs to slide the feet back together. Perform 2 sets of 15 reps each.

This exercise will focus on your inner thighs, chest, core, arms and glutes and will get them to engage in the workout.

6 Squeeze and lift

Keep a small soft ball between your ankles and lie down on the floor on the right side. Support your head with the right hand, by bending it. Keep the left hand bended in front of the chest in order to stabilize the body.

Squeeze your inner thighs to secure the ball between the ankles and lengthen your legs and lift the legs 6 inches in the air, keeping the ball between the ankles. Hold it for a count of 5 and lower down slowly. Do 10 reps and repeat on the other side.


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