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Remedies To Remove Skin Tags Easily At Home


They aren’t a danger to your health and, when diagnosed correctly, aren’t a sign of cancer. In fact, they are not harmful to you in any way. Doctors and medical professionals consider the removal of skin tags to be a purely cosmetic procedure. This means that their removal is considered non-essential by dermatologists.

If you do have a tag on a highly visible place, such as the face, eyelids, neck or groin, then you may wish to consider getting it safely removed. They are considered unaesthetic, but small tags aren’t easy to see, unless there are a large number of them in one area.

They can sometimes grow back, but the reasons for this aren’t known. If this happens, they can be treated and removed in the same way.


 How to Remove Skin Tags at Home

Choosing a remedy that can be used at home, rather than through a doctor, leaves you with plenty of great options, not to mention more money. Find out about skin tag removal costs in this post, and you’ll quickly can see why OTC treatments are preferred.

You need to be 100% sure that you are treating a skin tag. If you don’t perform the necessary checks, the wrong solution ‘probably’ isn’t going to work. That said, some treatments do work for several different skin conditions. Tags rarely grow larger than half an inch in length, tend to be quite soft, and ‘usually’ have a pigmentation that is similar to your skin. This can vary, but most tags are skin-colored and easy to identify.

Over-the-Counter Skin Tag Remover

Using over-the-counter products for the removal of a skin tag is an excellent option. Remedies vary in price, treatment time and aggressiveness. You will need to decide which option is right for you based on preference and feedback.

It can be hard to know which one to use. One tip to ensure that you do not waste money by purchasing a sub-standard product that makes extravagant advertising claims. Treatments aren’t that expensive, so always focus on finding the safest way to remove skin tags.

Chemical Peel for Skin Tags

If you was to go to a dermatologist to remove a tag, one option would be a chemical peel. They can be expensive, but they’re effective. But, with this solution, you get the same strength of solution and effectiveness of treatment, for a fraction of the cost.

People that have used Trichloroacetic Acid at home have reported success. It does require multiple applications over several days, and due care must be taken during its application, but it works. There will be no time lost from work due to doctors’ appointments.

The strength of this peel (80%) ensures that it works really fast. It takes layers of the skin off the tag following each application, ensuring that there is nothing left to grow back.

Learn how to use a chemical peel for skin tags and how to apply it safely. You’ll also find out why choosing the correct strength is also critically important if you want to get results.

Using Essential Oils to Get Rid of Skin Tags

You’ll find that essential oils are affordable, safe, and have proven to be a highly effective treatment. These include tea tree oil, frankincense oil, oregano oil, and castor oil. Tea tree oil is by far the most effective natural option, especially in its purest form.

You want a simple and natural way to get rid of skin tags. Tea tree oil doesn’t smell great, but it gets the job done.

Getting Rid of Skin Tags by Freezing Them

This treatment involves using liquid nitrogen to freeze off skin tags. Freezing a skin tag inhibits the supply of  blood, so it can’t survive. After several applications, it will change color (because it’s dieing) and will fall off. Some people go to a dermatologist and have their tag ‘frozen’ off, but they pay a lot of money, and it is not covered by insurance.


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