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5 Tummy Melting Foods Without Exercise


Is belly fat ruining your figure? And you don’t have the time to keep up at the gym? Then here is good news for you! If you are not overly overweight and just want to lose some belly fats, some diet modifications may help you to lose that “spare tires”.

According to recent studies, adding up the low calorie diet is the key to get a fat-free flat tummy. The assimilated belly fat around the mid-part of your body does not only ruin your figure but also increases the risks of stroke, diabetes, high blood-pressure, kidney and liver failure, and heart diseases. Reducing belly fat should be your major concern to ensure both your beauty and health.

5 Tummy Melting Foods Without Exercise
5 Tummy Melting Foods Without Exercise

Of all the accumulated fats in our body, belly fats are the most stubborn and harmful. Belly fats (a.k.a. visceral fats) are where our body stores toxins and they are formed around your vital organs.  Your diet chart should consist of these foods which will help you to cut off those calories without weakening your health and provide the necessary nutrients that heal, rather than harm—like slimming pills.

Here are suggestions of the top 7 foods you can eat on a regular basis to help you achieve your goal of reduced belly fat.

1.  Oats

Oats are gluten-free, is generally safe for most people and is a healthy choice for breakfast to start off the day. Oats are rich in soluble fiber, helps keep a healthy digestive tract, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol level. Even individuals with skin problems will benefit from eating oats daily. It encourages regular bowel movements that will gradually reduce the size of your belly.

2. Almonds

When you feel like munching, reach for tasty roasted almonds instead of that packet of chips. Almonds will help you to maintain a very low calorie diet. They don’t contain harmful fats, only health-promoting fats—monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats—the same type of fats found in olive oil.

Recently, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition pointed out that both these types of fats satisfies the cells and help prevent overeating. Eating almonds regularly is helpful for lowering the risks of heart diseases. Almonds have a high level of magnesium that is needed to build muscle. The more muscles you have, the more belly fats you burn.

3.  Melons: Watermelon and Cucumber

Watermelon and cucumber are foods rich in hydration minerals. Eating or drinking watermelon juice helps to reduce water retention that most people with belly fat may have. Eating a melon or drinking of its juice before your meal fills you up with very low calories, is cleansing to your detox organs and encourage elimination of toxins.

For this reason The American Dietetic Association has declared watermelon as a perfect ingredient to reduce the belly fat. A recent research of the University of Kentucky suggests that if you drank two glasses of watermelon juice every day for eight weeks, it will not only reduce your belly fat but also reduce your body weight.

4.  Beans and Legumes


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