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9 Most Effective Fat Burning Foods For Women


Burning fat isn’t all about exercising (although this helps) or simply not eating (which is bad for you): there are a number of food that can help you to burn fat.

“Burning fat by eating” – now that’s a concept I can get into. Here are 9 food that help to boost your metabolism – or in other words, that will get your body breaking down fat without any exercising at all (although this is also good for you and you should do it.

9 Most Effective Fat Burning Foods For Women
9 Most Effective Fat Burning Foods For Women

1.) Salmon, tuna and sardines.

These food all speed up your metabolism by lowering the level of a hormone called leptin in your body. A study done by researchers at the University of Wisconsin found that mice with lower levels of leptin had faster metabolisms and were able to burn fat more quickly than mice with higher levels of leptins.
Similarly, in a study done by researchers at the MAYO clinic, a not-for-profit medical practice as well as medical research group based in Rochester, Minnesota, they found that, among two different African tribes, the tribe which ate significant amounts of fish had much lower leptin levels than the other tribe whose diet consisted mainly of vegetables. Salmon, tuna, and sardines are also all high in omega-3 fatty acids, which provide a number of other health benefits.

2.) Coffee, or green tea.

The caffeine in coffee serves to speed up your heart rate, which in turn causes you to burn more calories. On top of the caffeine which is also found in green tea, green tea also contains a chemical called EGCG that causes your brain and nervous system to work faster, which in turn also causes you to burn more calories. Studies have shown that a combination of caffeine and EGCG taken three times a day can cause you to burn an additional 80 calories each day without the help of any exercise.
Additionally, studies have shown that consuming caffeine within 12 hours prior to a workout can on the one hand make you able to work out longer, and on the other hand will increase the amount of oxygen you take in – and since the amount of oxygen you take in is directly related to how fast your metabolism is working, this also means that caffeine taken prior to a workout will cause your body to burn more calories.

3.) Milk, yogurt, or anything else high in calcium.

The calcium found in milk and yogurt also acts as a trigger for your metabolism. A study at the University of Tennessee determined that dieters who consumed between 1200 and 1300 milligrams of calcium per day lost significantly more weight than did their non calcium-partaking fellow dieters.

4.) Oatmeal.

One of the factors in the slowing down of your metabolism (which causes you to store fat) is a spike in your insulin level. Food that take a long time to break down in your stomach, such as oatmeal, keep your insulin levels low, consequently preventing your metabolism from slowing down in order to store more fat.
Another note related to metabolism and oatmeal: Eating breakfast every day is another way to keep your metabolism up and running; studies have shown that skipping breakfast tends to slow your metabolism down.


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