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9 Most Effective Fat Burning Foods For Women


5.) Hot peppers, like jalapenos, habaneros or cayenne.

The chemical in hot peppers that makes them spicy, called capsaicin, like caffeine, speeds up your heart rate and boosts your metabolism. Studies have shown that eating only one spicy meal per day can speed up your metabolism by as much as 25 percent, and that the increased rate of calorie burning from eating a spicy meal can last for up to 3 hours after eating.

On top of that, a recent study done at the University of Laval in Quebec, Canada found that consuming caffeine along with meals and snacks containing hot peppers can cause you to burn an extra 1000 calories a day than if you had skipped the caffeine and the peppers.

6.) Lean beef, pork, chicken, turkey, or anything else high in protein.

According to Doug Kalman, R.D., who is the director of nutrition at Miami Research Associates, it requires more energy from your body to digest protein than it does for carbohydrates or fat. T

his means that the more protein you eat, the harder your body will have to work to digest your food, and the more calories you will burn. Studies have shown that replacing 20 percent of the carbohydrates in your diet with protein can help you boost your metabolism, and increase the number of calories you burn in a day by 5 percent.
Now, if you are wondering whether all of the calories in the food mentioned above are not going to overwhelm even your increased metabolism speed, don’t worry, because I am wondering the very same thing. There are plenty of other food besides those listed that are high in protein, however, so some beans or tofu are good options as well.

7.) Water.

You might want to argue here that water is not a food, but there is no arguing that drinking a lot of water helps you to lose weight. Studies have shown that drinking 2-3 glasses of water before a meal can help you to lose weight (likely because the water fills you up, causing you to eat less).

On top of that, filling up on water will make it less likely that you will slake your thirst of other sugary drinks. On top of all that, your metabolism requires a certain amount of water to do its thing properly, so being dehydrated can cause your metabolism to slow down.

8.) Lentils.

On top of the protein you get from these, they also contain a lot of iron (1 cup of lentils contains about 35 percent of your daily iron needs).

Many people, whether they know it or not, are iron deficient; and guess what happens in your body if it is deficient in any nutrient? -Your metabolism slows down. On top of that, lentils are also very high in fiber, which also takes your body some extra energy to digest, and also leaves you feeling fuller for longer.


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