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9 Most Effective Fat Burning Foods For Women


9.) Berries.

While berries don’t necessarily do anything to speed up your metabolism, they do leave you feeling fuller and more satisfied after a meal, causing you to eat or snack less. It also doesn’t hurt that they are high in antioxidants.

The secret to the berry’s power to keep you full is that they are high in fiber – and the added bonus that they are relatively low in calories makes them an even better candidate for fat loss than other high-fibre food.
So, as we said above, eating any or all of these food should help you to burn fat without doing any exercise at all; by simply boosting your metabolism (as well as making sure you are not deficient in any nutrients), you can cause your body to burn more calories even while at rest; and by filling up on water or berries, you can prevent yourself from snacking as well as stop yourself from hydrating yourself with sugary (fat-causing) drinks.

[adsenseleft]Still, this doesn’t mean that it is recommended not to exercise; on the contrary, as the study on caffeine above showed, using these food to help boost your metabolism can be augmented even further when coupled with exercise. Think of it: if exercise increases your metabolism, and if (for example) eating spicy food containing capsaicin increases your metabolism, then why not combine the two together for a double metabolism boost?

Most importantly, I think we have shown that by simply not eating, or by eating very little, is not the right way to burn fat. On the one hand, why do something that is unpleasant and harmful for you when you can burn fat by eating? On the other hand, the study mentioned above about skipping breakfast showed that skipping meals causes your metabolism to slow down – something that actually causes your body to store more fat.

Taking all this into consideration, I think it is clear that a combination of a healthy diet (containing some or all of the food listed above) along with regular exercise is the only right way to lose fat.
Remember, there is no easy fix or miracle solution.

If you generally don’t take care of yourself, only to eat some of these fat burning food now and then, then your fat burning goal is probably not going to happen. On the other hand, by simply taking care of yourself through proper diet and exercise, and by getting used to doing this all the time, you can make it so that fat burning as a specific goal or project will be something you no longer even need to think about. At that point, you can begin eating these food simply because they are delicious!


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