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3 Steps To Reverse A Slow Metabolism Naturally


Don’t give up yet if you have a slow metabolism. There is one natural method that may help reverse it. For survival a slow methabolism is beneficial but it may not be optimal for your lifestyle. Take a look at this 3 steps that can reverse metabolism naturally.

3 Steps To Reverse A Slow Metabolism Naturally
3 Steps To Reverse A Slow Metabolism Naturally

Step 1: Identify the slow methabolism trigger:

  • Not eating enough food

Think of your body like a house to make an analogy. What do you do if you’re not making enough money to pay electricity? You may not turn the lights on as often and you turn the heat in your house to compensate. The body works in a similar way.

The body saves energy by reducing body temperature, turning down digestive juices, reducing pulse, and slowing thyroid function, when there are not enough calories coming in. To help you go longer on les food, this is a built-in survival response by the body. And this is not a bad thing. Because it’s going to help kepp you alive in an emergency or famine it’s actually a good thing.

  1. You feel stressed all the time
  2. Low energy
  3. Trouble falling or staying asleep
  4. Food cravings
  5. Hard time waking up
  1. Cold hands and feet
  2. Poor apetite
  3. Your food journal resembles that of a loddler
  4. Low body temperature (below 97.8 upon waking)
  5. Labels on your food say “fat free”, “sugar free”, or “low calorie”
  • Not eating enough carbohydrates

When it comes to the metabolism carbohydrates are really the most important macronutient. All macronutrients are extremely important, and none should ever be limited in any fashion intentionally.

Because the convertion of T4 to T3 is dependent on enough glucose and stored glycogen in the liver, adequate carbohydrates in the diet is very important. So you need regular carbohydrates to set the stage fot that to happen.

  • Other causes

There are few other thing that you may want to think about if you are eating enough calories, carbohydrates, nutrients, and you are still having issues. Consider is any of the following could apply to you and support your slow metabolism:

Ofen caused by not enough high quality proten is malnourished liver. Common in those with a history of veganism or low protein vegetarian diet.


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