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Do You Know That The Different Types Of Body Fat Reveal The Fattening Cause

Type 3 – Gluten

You can be overweight because of gluten too. Try to gradually avoid products containing gluten (wheat, barley, oats, rye) and do physical exercises. Also, if you have a job that involves sitting at your desk, do not forget to get up every 60 minutes from your chair.

If you have frequently diarrhea or constipation, you feel tired all the time, analyzes show that you do not have enough vitamins and minerals in the body, go to a doctor to test your gluten sensitivity.

Type 4 – Atherogenic metabolism

Those who have fat deposits on the abdomen may also have trouble breathing. It is recommended to quit smoking, drinking alcohol and fatty foods. Cardio exercises should be part of your daily routine, in addition to those for your abdomen.

Type 5 – Venous circulation

People who have substantial deposits of fat on the hips and legs may have problems with blood circulation. Stairs climbing and running are the most effective fat burners in this case.

Type 6 – Inactivity

Sedentary lifestyle leads to obesity and other health problems. This case is as common as the first – inadequate diet. Try to walk as much as possible, don’t sit for hours in front of your computer and / or TV. Go out and do more exercise.

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