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12 Morning Habits of a Fit Women

7. Make stretching a habit

Stretching in the morning will awaken your muscles and prepare them for the strenuous day ahead. Even if you devote five to ten minutes of your time for this activity, you will see a world of difference in the long run. Workout according to your abilities and what makes you feel comfortable.

You can also utilise this time for your usual workout regime. Whether you are at the gym or a yoga centre or out for your walk, it is important to make your physical activity enjoyable.  Only when you do something that you enjoy are you likely to stick to it.

The benefits of exercise are immense. The American Heart Association and the American College of Sports Medicine has recommended a minimum of 30-minutes of exercise every five days in a week. This will not only keep you healthy but also reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases.

If you are an outdoors person, you could…

  • Jog
  • Take a walk
  • Take a walk bouncing a basket-ball at the same time

If you are an indoors person, you could…

  • Do 5 min of yoga – hating Mondays is optional!
  • Work out in your dining room, while you wait for your breakfast to be ready.
  • Do 2 sets of push-ups.

8. Exercise Your Brain

Exercising your brain is as important (if not more!) than exercising your muscles. Some fun activities to keep your mind sharp include Sudoku, Kakuro (my personal favorite), crosswords, quizzes, and brain teasers.

9. Take Time to Look Good

It’s a fact of life that people judge us by our appearance. For this reason, it’s a good idea to spend a few extra minutes in

the morning to ensure you go out into the world looking the best you can. In fact, a recent study by two economists found “extra time spent grooming has a positive and significant effect on both men’s and women’s earnings”. This was found to be especially true for men, where “10 minutes daily grooming increases their weekly wages by 6 percent”. Just remember, though, at some point you will need to put your pants on and get on with your day…..

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