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7 Moves That Sheds Pound Fast


5. Half Moon: Begin in a traditional pushup position, feet touching each other, hands touching each other. Reach right leg out to the side as far as possible. As soon as your right foot lands, swing your left leg over to join the right. Continue this sequence, turning your body like a hand on a clock 180 degrees. Reverse direction.
Coach’s Tip: With each step, slightly turn both hands in the direction you are moving.

6. Plank Dip: Start in a traditional pushup position with feet hip-width apart and hands directly under shoulders. Brace core, lift right hand off ground and lower right forearm to the ground, elbow directly under shoulder. Pause. Come back up to right hand while lowering left forearm to the ground.

Continue alternating.
Coach’s Tip: To ensure stability and balance throughout this movement, aim to land your hand as close as possible to opposing elbow on the “dip” portion of the exercise.

7. Break Dancer: Begin on all fours. In one powerful movement, swing left leg under hips (as if you were threading a needle) and extend foot fully to the ceiling. As your drive left leg under hip, simultaneously take right hand and reach it to the side. Extend left foot as high as possible and tap right hand to left toes, arm extended. Return to starting position and repeat on opposite side. Continue alternating back and forth.
Coach’s Tip: To ensure maximal musculature strength and development, aim to have your belly button face toward the ceiling as your rotate your feet and hand to their highest point.

Some More Effective Exercises:

8. In and Out: Start in a traditional pushup position with feet hip-width apart. Brace core and walk right hand in front of you as far as possible. Pause, then reach out equal distance with left hand so both hands are shoulder-width and side by side. Reverse direction. Continue, alternating between reaching out first with your right and left hand.
Coach’s Tip: To ensure a stable and healthy spine, keep your chin parallel with your feet throughout the entire movement.

9. Catapult Squat Jump: Kneel on floor, glutes resting firmly on heels, arms by sides and hands slightly behind hips. In one explosive motion, swing hands in front of you toward ceiling while simultaneously pressing into the floor with feet. Jump upward, swinging feet off the ground and under hips until they land firmly on the floor positioned slightly wider than shoulder width. Drop back into the original starting position.
Coach’s Tip: To ensure that your hips drive quickly and feet lift off the ground, swing your hands out and up as fast as possible.

10. Rockin’ the Cradle: Start in a traditional lunge position with right foot forward, both knees slightly bent, hands firmly on hips. Lower hips toward the floor and drop left knee until it is approximately 1 inch from the floor. Pause and brace core. Quickly raise hips, drive right knee toward ceiling while simultaneously pushing hips back, shifting all your weight to your left foot. Upon landing, drop back into a full lunge position and repeat. Switch sides after 30 seconds.
Coach’s Tip: To gain maximum hip mobility and strength, attempt to drive front knee as high as possible to the ceiling.


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