One of the most popular and often used spices is the hot fruit of the cayenne pepper, (“capsicum annum“).

Due to its remarkable healthy properties, it is one of the most appreciated spices ever. Hence, Dr. Richard Schulze advises “If you master only one herb in your life, master cayenne pepper. It is more powerful than any other.”

This common household spice, has been often used as a medicine throughout the history.

People used it for more than 2 millennia (2000 years), to treat numerous different heart conditions, including high blood cholesterol, nausea tonsillitis, gout, flatulence, fever, heartburn, paralysis, tremors, sore throat, upset stomach, dyspepsia, hemorrhoids, menorrhagia in women, diphtheria and many others.

Furthermore, cayenne pepper has been used in order to detoxify the body, as it neutralizes acidity and regulates circulation. For centuries, herbalists have often used it to stop bleeding and sterilize wounds.

This amazing spice has extremely strong and powerful properties which can provide a wide range of benefits for our health. Some of the most important are its components which kill cancer cells, prevent heart attacks and rebuild the gut.

Newest research has demonstrated that this favorable ability of the spice comes from its content rich in nutrients, including flavonoids, which make it a powerful antioxidant.


Namely, it is also  abundant in calcium, potassium,  vitamins A, C, B complex, manganese. Also, its beneficial effects in the alternative cancer treatments have been proven on various occasions.THE HOUSEHOLD SPICE THAT DESTROYS CANCER CELLS, STOPS HEART ATTACKS AND REBUILDS THE GUTIf you have even tried eating a fresh hot pepper, then you know that its hot flavor causes you to sweat and clears the sinuses. Moreover, eating hot food, which includes this spice, warms the body and clears the respiratory passages from mucus.

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