This Kills Sugar in Your Body and Helps You Lose Weight in Just 3 Days!

You need to know that sugar is the most important factor when it comes to weight gain. After sugar comes the carbohydrates and fat.Sometimes we can no idea how much sugar we have actually consumed and that lack of information leads to weight gain, mood swings, and insomnia.Sugar is not only bad for weight gain, but it also has an effect on the shape and health of our body. It is a big cause of getting cardiovascular diabetes and cancer.

The problem appears when we don’t spend the sugar we consume during the day.  The  ”extra” sugar  is stored away and increases the sugar levels, which causes more fat cells in our body.

The best thing to do is to eliminate sugar altogether, at least the artificial one! That is easier said than done because all of us want sweets.

There is a way to clean and detox your body from unnecessary sugar intake! Here is a fully planned meal schedule that will help you achieve your goal:

Day 1

Breakfast: 3 eggs or 1 bowl of mixed nuts


Snack: 1 bowl of walnuts

Lunch: Boiled chicken meat with one portion of cooked beansThis Kills Sugar in Your Body and Helps You Lose Weight in Just 3 Days!Dinner: Fish or salmon with one portion of  mixed mushrooms and broccoli

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