What is Natural Sugar Wax and How is it different from regular Wax?

Hair Removal isn’t most people’s favorite past time, but luckily you don’t have to shave as often when you wax! The downside of waxing is that it is extremely painful and when you have sensitive skin (like me) it can leave you with some pretty unpleasant experiences (more on that in a minute).

Sugar Waxing is a little bit different than regular waxing and it is still painful but not as much! It’s also SOOOO easy to clean up compared to other waxes.

What is Sugar Wax and How is it different from regular Wax?

Sugar Waxing has been around for ages and all it takes to make it is white sugar, water, and lemon juice. You don’t even need to use waxing strips or sticks to wax but they can be helpful at times. Sugar waxing is much cheaper than buying hair removal wax at the store. Sugar wax is also extremely easy to clean up and the wax itself dissolves with water, and dissolves even quicker with warm water.

You know those times you decide to wax then the signals in your brain are telling you, “ARE YOU CRAZY! YOU ARE ABOUT TO CAUSE US PAIN and A LOT of it!! STOP IT NOW!”…then you totally have second thoughts, but oh wait you already put the darn wax on your leg!


Fear not my friends with sugar wax, you can actually wash it off pain free! Another benefit of sugar waxing is it doesn’t rip your skin off especially for those with sensitive skin.What is Natural Sugar Wax and How is it different from regular Wax?I mentioned that I personally have sensitive skin and I have had my fair share of bad experiences with waxing. I can’t tell you how many times I have burned myself with microwavable waxes or even the waxes that you place in the fool proof wax warmers.

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