What is Natural Sugar Wax and How is it different from regular Wax?

Step 7: Once it starts to get golden in color turn off heat and take a spoon full of wax and put it in your fridge to test consistency (once its cooled it should be thicker than honey) (you should be able to put it in your hand and roll it around) If its still too runny or sticky bring back to medium low heat for a few more minutes and test again (You also don’t want it to burn because it will completely solidify when cooled)

Step 8: Once you have the right consistency pour into a bowl and allow to cool for about 30 minutes. Just check on it after 30 minutes and if it still is too warm or hot wait a bit longer.

How to Apply

Using a butter knife, Spoon, Your hands, or a thick wooden popsicle stick; scoop out a glob of wax and roll into a ball (for legs I generally make a golf ball size wax ball) (but for smaller areas you would need less)

Press the ball onto area you need to wax and using your palm and fingers, or using a popsicle stick flatten out the wax over the area you are waxing, until the wax is about 1/4″ thick,

If you choose to use waxing strips; apply sheet over the wax and quickly rub back and forth over the waxing strip while applying some pressure (heat from friction is key)


Take a deep breath; then pull! (you should be able to pull the wax off with your fingers if you are not using a waxing strip)

You can reroll the same wax you just used and apply again or you can start a new one. *I usually re-use the same one 3-4 times* (If you do use the waxing sheets you wont be able to reuse the wax)

Waxing Tips

For underarms I tend to apply a small amount of baby powder to absorb the moisture prior to waxing, but you can do this on any area baby powder recipe here it is also very soothing when you apply it to the areas after waxing

For more tender areas like underarms or if you are waxing bikini line it helps to pull the skin and then apply the wax

To ease pain apply pressure with your hands to just waxed area

If you do need to remove the wax just run it under warm-hot water until it dissolves

To clean up bowl and pan let them soak in water until wax dissolves

If you have a few leftover hairs you can use tweezers to remove them or you can even use your fingers if you haven’t washed the wax off yet

If you don’t need much wax I generally make half of the recipe; 1 cup sugar, 1/8 cup water, and 1/8 cup lemon juice


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